Keto Chipotle Chorizo Copy Cat Recipe with Cauliflower in Instant Pot

High end instant pot:
Less expensive model:
the Best sweet Paprika:
Hot Paprika (great on eggs)
Pink Sea Salt/Trace minerals:
amazing Pepper:
ground Pork:
Awesome Smart oven:
Exogenous Chocolate Ketone Powder: AMAZING IN COFFEE
Best MCT Oil:
Bulletproof oil:
Collagen peptides:
Best food storage Tupperware:

Keto Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites Video :

1lbs ground pork
Lbs ground turkey

2 TS Sweet Paprika
1 TS Hot Paprika
1 TS Smoked Paprika
1 TS Sea Salt
1 TS Dried oregano
1-2 TS chipotle Powder
1 TS Pepper
1 TS Ground Cumin
1TS Granulated garlic

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