Keto cooking how to make low carb stew and pressure can it

Well, we have a different sort of recipe on our hands today. It might at first seem to be a nice simple hearty beef stew recipe, but the twist is that we can it, so that we can have preserved low carb stew whenever we want.

this idea came to me, when I saw my sister hunkering down with a can of stew from the grocery store for a quick lunch. I lamented, why can't I have a quick meal like that? Why do I have to dust off the pots and pans to eat? Where is my quick comfort food?

So, i decided to twist the traditional recipe slightly to make it more diet friendly.

Now remember you can make this recipe at home to eat at any time, but to properly preserve it you will need an appropriate pressure canner. This is a low acid food, which cannot in any way be canned without a pressure canner. It's very important to remember that, for your and your families safety.

For this recipe we are going to need
12 cups turnip chunked

7 stalks celery sliced

17 medium carrots

4 large onions

worcester sauce

5 pds stew meat

1 tbsp salt

1 tsp pepper

12 500ml mason jars

pressure canner

To get all the best from life, lose weight, and be happier, you want to practice a low carb diet. you can either go the Keto diet way, paleo diet, atkins diet, south beach, Caveman diet, Or if you even just want to eat gluten free.

While they all differ in approach, the concept is all the same. to limit your intake of carbohydrates, and sugars and starches, so that your body will achieve a healthier state.

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